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Transaltion of the text : "We are a Sudanese group active in the defense of animal rights and are active mainly in Port Sudan and in this regard we express our deep concern if the city's recent decision of who is serving the extermination of approximately 10,000 never using poison gas Mallta this decision that the preparation of these cats has become is increasing. And this will affect the overall shape of Medinh.alih Based on the foregoing, we announce our rejection of this Almzbhh we also ask people of conscience all over the world in solidarity with us to cancel the decision Hmae obnoxious

Our agency has received a post from our local partners in Port Soudan, saying that the Municipality wants to get rid of the wild cats."

They want to gaz them instead of trying to find a human way of dealing withh the invading cats.

join us and ALERT on

we can't let this happen!

#cats #gaz #killing #sudan #portsudan

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