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Chimpanzees, as well as forest monkeys. burton gerbril, freshwater fish, batterfly leptomyrina sudanica, cat snake telescopus gezirae, etc. are only found in Sudan and nowhere else in the world., which makes them special and unique.

The country’s wildlife is also threatened by hunting. Over 20 mammal and nine bird species are endangered. Desert animals such as the Tora hartebeest, Sahara oryx and the slender-horned gazelle (Gazella leptoceros) – see photo – are now extremely rare or extinct in the wild.

One desert animal which can still be found is the African wild ass (Equus africanus). Its descendant is the donkey. The African wild ass is bluish gray/fawn and small (no more than five feet high at the shoulder). Most have a dark stripe from the mane to the tail. The Nubian ass can have a stripe across the shoulders. They live in dry areas which can't support larger mammals. Though the asses rarely come together in herds, there are strong bonds between a mother and her foals.

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