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Oryx dammah - Now extinct

Oryx dammah, This species is now extinct in the wild. Formerly it inhabits semi-desert grassland in nomadic herds of up to 40 animals. No territories are defended. They are independent of drinking water.

Oryx dammah (Cretzschmar, 1827) French: Oryx algazelle German: Säbelantilope Arabic: Wach, Begar al Ouach

Description Total length: 1.90 - 2.20 cm Tail length: 45 - 60 cm Shoulder height: 1.10 - 1.25 cm Weight: 135 - 140 kg Gestation: 252 - 256 The white body color is interrupted by brownish hair on neck and chest. The white face has a brown blaze. Their highly visible color may help "lost" individuals to regain contact with the group.Unlike other oryx, it has vestigial preorbital glands. Both sexes carry long horns.

Distribution The Scimitar-horned oryx formerly occurred in Sudan.

While Saudi Arabia has recognized the dangers of uncontrolled hunting and has introduced conservation measures in its own territory, prominent members of that kingdom are killing large numbers of game, including endangered species, in neighbouring countries. In this report the author presents evidence of the devastation caused by Saudi hunters in the Sudan. While the latter country has outlawed hunting, enforcing the law against Saudi nationals is fraught with difficulties.

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