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Scuba Diving

Who would think that Sudan is one of the nicest diving destination in the world.

Hundreds of sites, huge animals: sharks, dolphins, turtles ... Any dream of a diver can find its path in the amazing Red Sea.

Sudan is a legendary dive destination and is normally at the top of the list for many divers. Here you can experience some of the best dive sites in the world, as well as being treated with the same quality of food, accommodation, diving and service that you are used to from Egyptian Red Sea liveaboards.

As a holiday destination, Sudan is fairly limited and that is why Scuba Travel customer's travel to and from an Egyptian port. When you do get to the reefs, we can promise you that you will not regret your choice of dive holiday!

A liveaboard tour in Sudanese waters is a real expedition, where divers explore the Red Sea´s most distant sites. The reefs here are stil fairly undiscovered. Pioneers in the diving world like Hans Hass and Jacques Cousteau, first dived many of them during the 50´s and 60´s. Diving in Sudan is often referred to as "off-shore" diving at reefs with steep, spectacular walls, intact wrecks and Cousteau´s Con-shelf project. Tides and currents hardly exist, and the visibility is fantastic. One of Sudan´s most popular dive sites is the often photographed wreck of the Umbria. Sunk by the Italians during WWII in order to avoid capture by the English, this 150 m long wreck contains bombs, vehicles and plenty of other paraphenlia that would keep any diver happy for hours.

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